Monday, December 15, 2008

A Final Week

Yup it is that time of year. When all of the learning is over and it is time to let everyone know how much or little you have learned. I am fighting an insane urge to go outside and due fun stuff. I think graduating is important so I can be found driving my computer and text books if you need me.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A little Irony Driving Down the Road

Howdy all,

Out for a little jaunt on my two wheeled mode of transport. I was rolling by the local food co-op. A neat place with lots of real good food. Sadly this place attracts a lot of confused people. Anyhow an Audi darted out of the parking lot, almost killed me and floored it to the next light.

Being the cool headed person I am, I rolled on and was stopped right behind the car. Anyhow I noticed a sweet 'Buy Local' sticker on the bumper. The anger of almost getting smashed faded away as I started laughing at the hipocracy of a foreign made car. Haha thought someone else might get a kick out of that too

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I always think that Thanksgiving is one of those markers in the year that really splits things up. For me this is always the end of the fall. Whether it is in running or biking, it is always where the cool and totally perfect weather dissapears. After this it is nothing but cold and dreary... Not that I am complaining. I love the late fall and early winter, it is the time of year when the truly hardy come into focus and the yellow bellied and flatlandish blur into obscurity.

Over this break I did two Cyclocross weekends. They were enjoyable, but I don't think that if it were for UVM cycling I would have done them. This time of year I like to take a little break and then start to go to "diesel mode." I think about "diesel mode" as a time of year when it isn't about fast, it is about strength and streign. Long expeditions and plain old sweating, how it happens doesn't matter as much as that it is. This type of excerise is not conducive to riding a bike fast for 45 minutes. So I have been getting schooled. Not like a fun lesson on the birds and the bees where everyone has a good giggle and then gossips. No, not like that. More like 19th century speaking out of turn in arithmatic class where you get a good solid thumping with the ruler, type of schooling.

One or two more weekends of cyclocross this year. Right now UVM and Rutgers are locked in mortal combat for the ECCC overall in cyclocross. Before this saterday 10 points seperated us. I think UVM came up with a win yesterday and Rutgers got second. I am not sure about this, but I think that is what happened. If this is true the lead is down to 6 points. Winning is twenty and second is 16. Soooooo

Next weekend two race, could go either way. I am going to try to bring a lot of people down, should be real good.

Many Happy Returns