Monday, February 23, 2009

E Tripple C meeting

Yup I went. So.....

For those of you who have never been to one of these it might be fun to imagine what they are like. First of all you sit in a really big lecture hall. The seat are terrifyingly uncomfortable.
You talk a lot about biking, but do none of it.
All and All the experience is long and exhausting.

I thought I might throw in a few notes on the meeting to supplement what Caitlin will post.

Before you read any further.... I write purely to poke fun and demoralize, nothing is meant to be personal, hurtful or mean. Remember, there is no crying in baseball or blogging

1. The E Triple C is taking a hard line on aero equipment for non A's. This is to prevent this from ever happening again. Yes that guy was in the D's rocking full aero and Zipp wheels. Words can't even describe what that is. Yeah....... however the ECCC may have gone to far, the kid from Stevens seem to think that the eccccccccccc is doomed. I think that their image of doom looks something like this. I don't see a huge problem with this. Some people might think that is not a good idea, Rutgers disagrees.

2. MTB race season. After the debacle that was last year, the ECCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCccccCCCCCCC has chosen to allow UVM to host a race. This is very wise. Trumpets have already begun to herald the greatness of the race we will host. I did learn something new at the meeting. I have lived in the greatest state in the world my whole life (Vermont), I have only left under extreme duress. So I don't have a lot of knowledge of the strange lands that lie beyond the borders of Vermont. I always thought that it was cold and snowy here. Yes that is one of UVM's Vans, and yes that was on the way to Easterners, road Easterners. Equipped with this knowledge, I was shocked to be told that there was just as much a chance of snow in State College Pa as in Vermont. I have been to State College, there were beautiful women in skirts. The whole time I have been at UVM I have only seen girl's bear legs while in bed. Usually they look like this.

So I did some research. Yes, being right matters that much to me.

So I submit

Yeah, the map is real bootleg. Why wouldn't it be, nobody ever got snowed in there.

Notice the sweet graphics. As a result I have done none of the 'training' that other blogs have described.

To make a long winded point. Yes I am right.


Pennsylvania=coal, terrible roads, bad directions.

3. Northeastern as the new progeny of Slim
You all thought that Slim was gone. My presentation for UVM's bike race only had one American flag and no pictures of G.W Bush. Clearly something was wrong.

But wait.

Sam Mellon and Maggie were not going to let the ball drop. Every single power point slide they used had at least one of each of the following:

1. American Flag
2. Eagle
3. Statue of Liberty

I am deeply impressed.

My super secret training plan can be seen by following this link

Saturday, February 14, 2009

El Presidente, El Jefe

As some of you may or may not know I have a sister. I know this is a startling revelation. My parents did so well mixing DNA with their first child that they decided to try and grace the world with another Sullivan. It worked, but not nearly as well. It is kinda like the robocop movies where they keep trying to make better robocops but the first one is the best. My family is like this.

Anyhow, after watching me rock bikes for a while, my sister decided that she might also be able to lift and drop her pedals. She has been moderately successful(you can tell which one is my sister by the rockin' red shorts and ultra ballah Hoodie). However, there was something that I did that up until now she was unable to do. That is of course run the greatest team there has ever been or will ever be (UVM Cycling)

She has tried to replicate my greatness at Northeastern. As we all know, Northeastern is a school full of kids who all do what takes the rest of the world four years, in five. Obviously not the smartest kids in the peloton. I think it is important to note the lower than average level of intelligence (even low within the cycling community). The reason for my ranting, raving and insulting is to announce that NU has ellected maggie to be their President. I am sure this will usher in a new period of rivalry and prank waring between us as siblings and between us Presidentes.

I did read Joe's Blog, I think that I get people home- other than that time that Scanell, Farm and Ill Will Wouldn't leave Sunday River.....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

ECCC Blogging

Yeah, it is crazy. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of kids from the ECCC that have decided to waste valuable training time and start blogs. This is, of course, very very sad. If there is one thing I learned, it is that you can always, "up your watts." This could be done at any time of the day, and you don't have to be on a bike to do it. The one thing, however, that won't up your watts is blogging. Rather than dwell on how huge a waste of time blogging is, I will give you a few examples of things that "UP Y'ER WATTS":

1. HTFU (self explanatory)
2. Watching NASCAR
3. Watching WWE
4. Hunting (anything works, but killing more dangerous things work much better)
5. Talking to Rose
6. BC Nordic skiing on racing skis

Things that do the opposite (also known as being a lycra clad, leg shavin' wus)
1. Riding a Fixed gear in NYC
2. discussing the benefits of FPTFA, what is this stuff, HTFU and pedal
3. base training, strap on some skinny skis and get er done.
4. as a matter of fact any specific training is, be like boob legs and just do something hard. as long as it is hard it is training.

Whew, I think that is enough tirade for now, but I want to keep you all honest. Some of these blogs look like they will be ridiculous.

I would like to weight in on different Jerseys of the E Triple C. The one that Stevens is about to baptize, is very dissapointing. These guys had so much promise with their old kits. They were diffferent and didn't get bothered by that fact. Now they will look like a hybrid bike that got ralphed on by MIT, Harvard and Brown. Terrribly dissapointing.

As I mentioned somewhere else UVM's new kitss (mid season arrival, we don't do anything on time) will change ever so slightly to include a fierce mountain range on the shorts. We have also broken with tradition and ditched some stupid EUrO company that makes basketball Penniess forr the Portugese national team to work with a company that matches the refined and classy pedigree which you all know and love from UVM

Good Night and God Bless

Ian C. Sullivan the XIV