Saturday, June 6, 2009

Boston is My Lover

Hi All,

More on the Kingdom later.....

Going to Boston this weekend. My Little Sister(President of the Second Best MTB team in the ECCC) turned 21. A huge day in the Sullivan Family to be sure. Since she is living in Boston and taking care of sick people, she can't be in vermont. So We are going to bring some Hoo ahhh to her. Should be Fun.

Assuming that we can Wake up(50% %05 chance) we are going to hit up the Wells ave Worlds. It should be legit. I encourage any of you who are in the area who I like to show up. I would love to pretend like it is collegiate season and race for some glory.

Till Next time,

Keep the Rubber Side Down

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kingdom Ho'

Tomorrow Emily and I are making our first trip to the kingdom trails in E. Burke VT. This is a preetty sweet spot. They have ~1,000,000 km of trails(Since no one has any idea how far a km is you will have to guess) . Needless to say that no place with that many trails can be all bad.

The best part of going to the kingdom trails is the gastronomic delights. The drive is about two hours each way, but passes some awesome places.

1. Miss Lyndonville diner . Pre ride breakfast stop. This place is beyond belief. I love it for two reasons. first off cause they truly Americans there. You can also buy coffee by the cup or by the hour.

Let that sink in for a second......

You can buy an unlimited cup of coffee that last for an hour. Every person who calls themself a bike racer should have to clean up their chamois after thinking about that.

2.Lunch/Post ride hit up Trout River Brewery. Right by the trail and super dank.

3. Drive home pit stop. Rainbow Sweets. This place is god's gift to your taste buds. This world class chef decided that the kitchens of NYC and Philly sucked too much. So he and his wife packed up some Volvo and Drove up to the groovy mountain state of vermont. Since then he has been rocking the culinary minds of everone who ventures into Marshfield VT. you are missing out if you haven't been there.

In fact if you do nothing else in your life go to rainbow sweets, get very fat, and you will die extremely happy.

Pictures of our trip may follow.......