Friday, July 31, 2009

Run Off and Join the Circus

Hi All,

Despite the soggy summer, the fall promises dry trails and oodles of glory to the fat tire crowd. Though the schedule is pretty short for the MTB Season, each of the races seems to be shaping up to be truly excellent. Each and everyone of you out there in the eccc should make it to at least one race and do your best to bring a friend. The mtb season is something that is so awesome and enjoyable that it cannot be summed up, but if you are not there you are missing out in a really really big way.

Whenever I talked to new people as the president of UVM cycling I would tell them that going to a mtb weekend was like running away and joining the circus. It is like the far side of the moon from anything the bright and tight (roadies) crowd would expect at a race. That definately is a good thing, all sort of the collegiate spirit that makes the ECCC a thing of brilliance is concentrated in a few short weeks.

Check it out, you won't be sad.