Sunday, August 30, 2009

PEI and Other Adventures

Hi All,

What a summer it has been; rain, riding, dancing and swashbuckling.

Summer is mostly over, but there is still some fun out their before the season of everlasting glory begins. (Notice that the first week's flyer is up). As my dearest marshmallow lips(see picture on the right) is attending the Prince Edward Island School for Animal Loving Medicine Practicing Persons of a Canadian Persuasion (or PEISFALMPPOCP for short, you should see the booty shorts they have in the book store) I decided to take a road trip.

I was joined by some lovely ladies as well as Tobias for the trip. Let me tell you, I don't think I have ever laughed so hard, or heard love story soo many times in one day. I think that Taylor Swift might be one of the few people who approach my level of American-awesomeness-osity. Pretty much an all american hero, apple pie has nothing on her.

Once we got here we looked for the islands most famous resident, only to be informed that she kicked it one hundred years ago. This was a huge and overwhelming dissapointment, because I always wanted to meet her after reading all of her books. The upside is that she now markets a full line of rasberry cordials (the weird shit canadians drink). We didn't see her house, because I thought I might cry. however, there was a lovely minigolf place next to it, that we rocked for 8 hours. After this we realized that none of us would ever become professional golfers.

Dissaster stuck during one of our rides. Emily broke a spoke. This is a huge and overwhelming pain in the ass, as she has a set of FSA wheels. For those of you who aren't familiar with the idiocy of FSA wheel building, i will give you a little insight. They use internal niplles (so it is harder to work on) and run incredibly high spoke tension (so the wheel gets really untrue when one breaks). In addition to the complexities of the FSA wheel we are a thousand miles away from my tools or a bike shop I trust. Unfortunate only just begins to knock at my feelings of the situation. When we walked into the lbs (local bike shop) we were greated by a person of a particular appearance. I like to think that I am pretty open minded. That I am willing to judge people by there merit, rather than their lifestyle choice. However, this particular look is one that usually implies an aversion to all things bright and tight.

I was right, my friend in the flat brimmed hat was useless, and declaired that the wheel was totalled, for lack of a spoke.

well that is all for now, tata