Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top 10 List

I am shamelessly inspired to do this by the Penn State kids.  Thank you for the idea.  Anyhow, I thought that I might try to bring my own unique perspective to the things I am looking forward too this coming season.  Odds are you too should be super excited too.

10.  Seeing Chris Hamlin race on a bike that is his size and works:  That is right, he has been smacking around members of the A field on a bike that is so beat that the the seat was falling apart and he had to hold both sides of the shift lever.  If he didn't hold both sides it wouldn't return to its original position, the springs were that shot.  Last mountain season he did what he has been threatening for year, trained.  The result was cataclysmic for the rest of the Men's A field.  He won every single XC and STXC race.  hmmmmm...

9.  Pranks:  Last year there was some mayhem, a Prius wrapped in plastic wrap.  What will this year hold...

8.  Fashion:  Oh yes the ECCC is wick fashion forward.  Think of Leiderhousen, Captain America, Cut-off jeans, these are all fashions that emerged from the ECCC last year,  I can only guess at what this year will hold.

Hopefully this isn't actually something that shows up.....

7.  New Networks:  This is like the hottest thing right now.  USAC seems to care, velonews is running articles that kids right and the ECCC is poised to launch its own news website.  You will have so many more opportunities to engage in the narcissism  that cyclists love to engage in.  In a more positive light, I think that this will really let the ECCC hype up all of the great elements of our world wide organization.  While a results sheet lets you know who won, a new service can bring so much more color into the weekends events.  As we all know the actual finishing order is usually just a small piece of the weekends action.  We are starting to look for contributors.  Look for the official launch soon.......... 

6. Sullivan Family antics:  The first family of bike racing (Athertons who....?)  Will be on and around the roads of the ECCC.  Look for us in Intro Clinics (Both) In Races (Maggie) and Holding a Clipboard(Me).  Needless to say, everyones lives will be enriched by our presence.  Maggie is racing A's, Isn't that rad?!?!

5.  Team Show Downs:  There are a lot of mighty teams posturing for victory of the season long omnium.  Who has what it takes, and who are just pretenders to the thrown.  I will tell you what I know, it is in the strength of your women's squad that great teams are made.  With the smaller fields 4 A racers can secure a win in the weekend,  It is almost impossible for any number of A race men to dominate the points scoring in the way that a deluge of women's racers can.  Trust me we tried really hard to overturn that last year (when I was at the head of the UVM mob)  Some teams have got it, we will see.  If Columbia and Penn State can show up with their whole teams most of the time.  It should be really interesting to see how that plays out.  Army is of course going to be interesting, they lost their women's breadwinner and had some A racers graduate.  They are a strong program and it will be interesting to see how they fill the holes.  MIT  no longer has the Soltren, but I have heard his bike is really light and the the doughnuts only weight 0.0012 of the total bike weight.  The certainly have a lot of kids that can be in the mix in a women's A race, will their men be able to keep up with the ferocious point scoring appetite of the women?  UVM, Ahh no place like home.  Once again the countless hoards of the North will come teaming out of the Green Mountains to spew excellence all over the ECCC.  We will see, there are definitely some really good riders on the team.  The Jamey Driscoll might even grace the ECCC with his presence, who knows.  There are plenty of UVM Men who can win races.  The women are recruiting pretty hard, but it is the A and B racers that the team is light on.  With a healthy Rose long, who knows they could be unstoppable.

4. Individual Showdowns: a lot of kids graduated from the top of the ECCC men's Omnium.  It will be interesting to see who show up at Rugters and is in it to win it.  I don't really have a sense of how that will play out.  I have a hunch, but don't want to give anything away.

3. Shiny Bikes, Plastic Wheel, 'Euro Kits'.  I can't wait to see all the wizz bangery that people come up with to roll up to the ECCC start lines.

2. Count down to Caitlin and Joe's wedding.  Since Joe is a Level 38 Vegan - Raw Food Warlock, the gift registry was done entirely at a Philly Fruit vendor and NUTz R' US.  I hope that Caitlin wears the cycling hat she was proposed to at her wedding.  All joking aside, I am really happy for them.

1. Women's Racing:  Big rule change rearranges everything.  Should change the way races look.  Hopefully it breathes life in the elite category.  We had a lot of vigorous racing in the B's Last year.  Hopefully all of that passion for racing lead these girls to jump up the the A/B field this year.  I am real excited.