Monday, December 27, 2010

What I want in 2011

There are of course a lot of personal things which are really borring that I want, but I thought I would share what I wanted the most out of the ECCC in 2011.  Without further ado, and in no particular order

Road Season
  • 1300 racers at the reincarnated Beanpot?! Who knows it could happen (this would require a Men's Z field for the crit, but we would make it work)  Realistically I dream of a 1000 racer event, you should all be part of it.
  • Needing to split the women's A/B field in Crits.  The A/B field was a big sucess last year and this was reflected in big fields.  I see no reason for the energy of last year to slow down.  If anything, I hope that growth will accelerate again.  Hopefully a lot of our WC racers have been filing their teeth, riding their rollers and performing hours of snow covered hill sprints to get ready to join the A/B field.  The numbers it would take to split the field would depend on how technical the crit course is, but it would probably require at least 50% more women A/B riders than were at Dartmouth in 2010.  I think it is possible.
  • Chris Hamlin wins the overall?!?  Maybe, why not, somebody has to do it.
  • See a team challenge MIT's rock solid run of the conference.  I would love to see the overall come down to the finish line of the MA crit at PSU.  It is a great venue, course and crowd.  It would be all the better if their was a fierce team battle that could be decided in the final race.
  • The Jamey Driscoll and Anders Newbury to show up to a couple of ECCC races and show off what VT bike riding really looks like.
  • 5 ECCC Individual wins at Nationals, I mean we are the bigest conference, we should get most of the wins.
  • Maggie S wins a bike race, make it happen.
Mountain Season
  • Women's A mtb comes back.  I really want to see starts with more than 4 racers..... please race your bikes
  • Collegiate Nats are in West Virginia.  Time for an ECCC'r to step up.  I don't think an ECCC'r has brought home stars and stripes since 2009 in DII short track (Katherine Harris MIT).  It is close, no altitude and their might be mud.  All those Colorado roadies won't know what to do.  Get training
  • See an even better UVM race weekend.  Each of the last two years have showcased some f the finest race promotion that the ECCC has seen in the mtb season.  With a couple of tweeks I think that this weekend would surpass the quality experienced at many national level events.  Hopefully we will see you all there.
  • Have some more of the Southern ECCC schools find mtbs and go to races.  Even when we raced in Pa twice in 2010 there wasn't great turn out.  I hope that 2011 will see a rebound.  

Things that I will profoundly miss:

  • Rose Long.  She is on a big Jet Plane for France and won't be racing in the ECCC.  She has graduated and gotten a real job.  In 2008 Rose won the Women's overall and that fall was hit by a car in a training ride.  She is an amazing girl and somebody that I am glad to call a friend.  She has an indomitable and irrepressible personality that exemplified what collegiate bike racing was all about.  The conference will be much duller without her.  I am sure the whole ECCC wishes her well and all the sucess in the world in her exploits.
  • The final season for Chris Hamlin and Maggie Sullivan.  Both of these 'classy' kids I have known a very long time and have contributed and raced in the ECCC a lot.  With any luck both of them will continue to be involved with the ECCC for years to come.