Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Just Won't Give Up

Guess what?   More Snow!!!!  Like a foot of it.

I am a huge advocate of going with the flow and doing what comes naturally.  I am the first to admit that I am way too weak to spend hours on rollers staring numbly at a poster of Mario Cippolini on the wall.  I also have weird conflicting feelings about rollercam.  It is kind of like tweeter, I am just old and don't understand it.  As a result both of those things mystify and terrify me.

Facebook has told me that many of you are b*%&ing and moaning about how long, cold and snowy the winter is.  Not this guy!  I have spent most of the winter on some skinny skis, sliding around with my heart pumping away furiously.  I welcome more snow.  If we get to Rutgers and I have only ridden outside (or at all) a handfull of times that will be a-ok.

Pardon we while I do my snow dance,