Sunday, October 30, 2011

Winter Starts in October?!

In the last three days we have already had two measurable snowfalls.   Last night we got almost six inches.  Needless to say this bodes well for this winter.  (Because the weather follows patterns, right?!)

I think that some rock ski / grass skiing would have been possible today.  Sadly all of my skis are still in my parents garage.  Not a huge loss though.  Skiing in conditions like this put years of wear on your bases and usually isn't even that great.  Although, it would have been great to have my first day on snow be in October.

The snow has also made be think about where I am going to ski this year.  The Upper Valley has the Dartmouth areas, which are usually decently groomed, but are now almost 35 minutes away, without trafic.  I skied there last year and was happy with it, however I only live 10 minutes away then.   I am thinking about joining the Strafford Nordic Center.  They are only 13 miles from my house, but some of the road are really slow going and could be treacherous in snowy conditions.   The good news is that VLS is on the route between home and skiing, so it could work well for morning skiing (hopefully they have a shower / locker room there).

The summer tires on my car are so beat that I think driving anywhere today would be a death sentence.  I have been waiting to put on my snow tires, which are super fresh, so that I wouldn't have to buy a set of tires just to take them off after a week or two.  Usually I don't need the snows until Thanksgiving.....  I guess I can't complain too much.