Monday, March 4, 2013

Resplendant in Green

It doesn't happen all the time; but occasionally, sport moves you - deep in your soul.

This past weekend, I had one of those moments. I saw Rose Long, someone anyone would be proud to know, get back in the mix of things.  Suffice it to say: she was in it; something very bad happened; she was out for a long time.

Now she is back.

Sport is hard. It takes the every ounce our body and soul can give. It doesn't take excuses and it doesn't care where you have been. All it cares about is what you can do today.

We all want to see those who struggle find success. We all want the underdog to come up with the big come-from-behind win, but we all know it probably won't happen.  That is why it is so great to see Rose, gritting her teeth, going for glory, and—despite the storms she has weathered—succeed

Welcome back, Rose!

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