Sites I Like

Also a site about Vermont, news this time.  This site was set up by a former professor of mine.  The scope is pretty limited, but the writing is solid and the insight is good.  Compared to the alternatives it is really top notch.
Good stuff - the world explained.  The writing is pretty good and the subject matter is super interesting.
I actually like this site a little better than FA, but I read them both.
The writing is always top notch.   Even if you don't like the content or perspective, it is worth reading.

Cycling  Race coverage of mtb and cross races, styled after a traditional TV show.
With the rise of non-traditional studios (Amazon and Netflix come to mind), I hope that this format succeeds. Previously, this crew produced (and, to my understanding, will continue to produce) the wildly popular Behind the Barriers series, which follows the life and times of Jeremy Powers. This, their current effort, zooms out and takes a look at the sport from a macro level.

There first episode features the 2013 Catamount Classic Pro XCT race, which I announced for.  Their coverage was off the charts. Really, the best cycling coverage I have seen outside the TdF.  I am super excited to see what they do in the months and years to come.

Pro Cycling Live The name says it all.  Steephill limited their coverage, so this is an alternative.
Watch bike racing online.  It is pretty sweet.
I am a big believer in making things happen.  These folks make mtb, xc running and xc skiing happen in Chittenden County.  The tuesday/wednesday training series are a ton of fun and the camps are great for kids.
Trek has been a sponsor of my racing and community efforts for years.  Riding bikes in America is Trek.  I am thankful for their support and encourage anybody to check out what they have to offer.
My gear sponsor.  Always good for what you need, so long as you need to ride bikes.
One of my passions is the development of women's cycling.  Emily and Maggie's experience getting into cycling was what motivated me to get involved in governance of the sport.  One of the biggest problems for womens who get serious about the sport is there simply isn't enough coverage to make big time sponsorships possible.  This site aggregate women's cycling content from around the internet into one spot.  Lots of great stuff!

Stowe MTB Club
The organizing group for some great trails in the Stowe area.

6 Gaps of Vermont
This is a comprehensive guide to 132 miles of riding over 13,000 feet of climbing, and one heck of a day in the saddle. I tackled this with a group of 24 UVM cycling type on May 4th, 2013. The ride was one of the most epic things I have done on a bike and one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. I would recommend grabbing some friends and taking a stab at this!

Fun and Random

The Open Syllabus: I can no more recount all the books I have read than the meals I have eaten, but they have formed me.

Simply Noise:  This is a pretty simple white noise generator, but a great little study aid.

Simply Rain Same creator as Simply Noise.  I like this generator better because the thunder claps are quasi random and diminish the monotony of the experience.

Rainy Cafe Ambient noise won't save the world, but it might just help you stay focused long enough to bang out some great prose or just finish this assignment. Unlike the Simply Noise family, you can get the cafe sound.  I really like this. When I lived in Burlington, I loved going to coffee spots around town and reading. Sadly, I don't have a readily accessible analog now, but this is a solid substitute.

Coffitivity Same idea as the three above: your brain works better (more creatively) when it is engaged with ambient noise. At this point, only RainyCafe and Coffitivity have the coffee shop ambient noise pattern. Coffitivity has a "cleaner" noise pattern, which seems better than Rainycafe.

Spreeder: This will speed read text for you.  I have plaid with it a little bit so far and it seems promising. I have always been a fast reader, but with this I was able to comfortably comprehend some pretty dense legal reading at over a thousand wpm, something I couldn't possibly do on a page.

Historical Maps 38,000 of them. So much to explore!
Public domain works put to audio format.  This is how I spend a lot of my driving time.  I love stories and this is a great way to spend otherwise useless dead time.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap

These folks do an amazing job bringing 'sustainable' food in contact with the population.  Locally sourced food is a challenge we will face as transportation (fuel) cost continue to rise.  They also focus on feed methods that are heirloom, and will be available in a world where transpiration costs are higher.

Obviously I am not getting a PHD.  A lot of people I know are and I think there are a lot of analogous experiences with law school.  No matter how you cut it these guys and gals are pretty funny.

Wind Map
  The name says it all.  Just a map of the country showing wind strength and direction.   I don't know it this will have any practical application in my life, but it sure is nice to look at.  Recent find that I enjoy reading.  Most of the cooking is absurdly over the top. Many of the recipes look appealing.  This site and its affiliates are a shameless pleasure of mine.  I particularly enjoy when they run their "small but cool" contests. "  The food / cooking part has a bunch of fantastic recipes as well.

The Minimalists  I recently ran across this.  My initial take is that the site looks pretty good, is fairly informative, and is well thought out. Once I have a little more time, I am looking forward to exploring it more.  

Presidential Home Brew

Made in VT This is a good resource for finding rad, locally made product.  My old co-worker, Jess Gilbert, has work on this site.  Her art is fantastic.

Spotify Play Button  I am going to have to start using this.  Spotify, like many companies, offers something for nothing.  Well, not really, of course. You get access to all of their awesome music (almost literally the whole universe of recorded music) in exchange for access to your personal data (Facebook). They are the first company I was aware of to do this.  Since I became aware of Spotify this trend has spread to a ton of new companies. This is a pretty fantastic back door into a veritable wealth of marketing data. I have to imagine that music is cheaper than real market research. But, I digress. This play button allows bloggers and website operators to embed music from Spotify. This is much better than linking to Youtube.

Royalton Community Radio Is it good? Maybe. But there is so much passion for the community and the venture that almost anyone has to excuse the somewhat amateurish finished product.  SoRo is a weird, funky place, but many of its community members really embrace that.

Getty Free Online Image Database

Legal Sites
Answers dot com  legal section:  You have to start somewhere and this place is vetted and free. Why not here?

Cornell Legal Information Institute:  This is a really fantastic free resource.  There is a ton great information that is well laid out.  There are comparisons between a lot of different state rules and comparisons between them.
  Getting into the profession of law is daunting at times.  Despite how serious it is, I find a lot of what goes on pretty funny.  It is good to know that I am not the only one.  The contributors to this site put together some very entertaining and readable stuff.
A blog about the Vermont Supreme Court.  The site is interesting and the writing is pretty fresh and accessible.  Their writers eschew legalese and employ planin english.   It makes for a great primer on SCOV decisions as they come down.

Excellent Supreme Court insight.
All of the oral arguments before the Supreme Court in recent years.  A lot of  information on the substantive laws.  Listening to oral arguments is fascinating.

Advanced Google Searches
:  This is a quick article regarding directed google searches.  It is about as helpful as you would expect.

Vermont's Statutes and Rules:  Sadly, Vermont's Judiciary doesn't have an accessible channel to get to this. This site is free and a useful starting off point for a lot.  Sadly, to get the annotations one has to pay lexisnexis. Oh well, just another way the less than affluent are disadvantaged in the legal system.

Supreme Court of Vermont published opinions in descending chronological order:  In a dream world I would keep up with reading all of these as they are published.  My goal is to stay up to date with all f the criminal ones.  We will see how this goes.

NY Times Writing Blog  I think this is great, but don't really know what to add.  They are constantly posting new materials.

Writers Don't Cry  This isn't a legal site, but it is about writing. So, I decided to include it in this section.  The posts I have read by this author have been very insightful.  They deal with the world of fiction publishing.  At first blush, they won't be that pertinent to legal writing. One of my writing professors, who I respect greatly, told me that a great narrative is the first step (sometimes a critical one) in persuasive writing. Obviously, legal writing is constrained by the factual basis of every case.  Telling the best story possible with those fact is the essence of persuasion, and is something I try to keep working on.

The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law  Simple, visual explanations to the foundations of criminal law.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy  Because precedent alone is a poor substitute for reason.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy  Similar to above.  It is less user-friendly.

PACER Provides users access to *all* federal district, appellate, and bankruptcy docket materiels. As always, this is a resource where you must be careful what you wish for.


VT Town Clerks Online Provides free access to a number of VT town clerks' land records. While anybody can view land records for free, you have to go there. Like, physically step into the town hall, speak with the clerk, and then leaf through some dusty old books (don't get me wrong, I love dusty old books). At this time, the site has a major disclaimer. As a result, few attorneys will issue a title certification based on the site. (Attorney responsibility for title certification encompasses just about everything, whether or not is was reasonably available or not. See Hanner v. Bruce 146 VT 262, (1985)). With that huge caveat, I am actually fairly excited about this site and what it can do. As anybody reading through this page could probably guess, I am a huge proponent of opening up access to the legal records and resources of this county. The dawning of the computer age made legal research easier, but it also made it less accessible. Sites like these partially fulfil one of the internet's promises: to provide access to the wealth of human knowledge/records at virtually no cost, to anyone, at any place.

Parser - This is one of the many automated parsers online. It helps to think about the way sentences are constructed. This is a helpful tool for trying to work your way around an awkwardly constructed sentence. The preceding statement is probably true for everyone. But for me, it is especially true, because I went through a school system which did not believe in sentence diagraming.

Write like Hemmingway I played around with this. I can't promise that it will make you write like Hemmingway. Actually, let me rephrase that: you won't write like Hemmingway. Sorry. But, it is fun to think about your writing. Long ago I gave up the idea that complexity of prose equates to depth of thing. Rather I have come to believe that complex ideas are best expressed in simple sentences. Obviously, I am not there, but I strive. If you too strive in that direction, you might just enjoy this site.

Tiny Living
Tiny r(E)volution  This is a start to finish blog about building a tiny house.  This has helped to split up the process and explain each of the steps.  The site has many of the nitty gritty details that you would need to actually build a tiny house.

Tiny House Blog

Family & are videos prepared for my maternal grandparent's 60th anniversary.  They highlight their lives together and many of my relatives throughout six decades.